day eighteen | tgfmp (thank goodness for meal prep)

day eighteen |tgfmp (thank goodness for meal prep) | Journey for JessiTGFMP.  That’s about all I have to say.  Okay.  I lied.  I have more to say.  But really, with classes picking up tomorrow, I was running around all day with training, errands, work, last minute school stuff, etc., I was so thankful that yesterday I prepped a big batch for my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week.  I will be sharing these recipes later this week, so stay tuned!  

My days are about to pick up pace here in the next coming hours—behold!  My first 8am class of my entire undergraduate life.  I managed 3½ years without a single 8am, until now.  Again, TGFMP.  My breakfast will already be made and ready to go for that bright and early class.

I have classes all day.  Literally until 6pm.  Well, I do have a quick break to hit the gym for training and grab lunch before sprinting to campus.  TGFMP.

When I will get home, I know I will be starving and ready to eat anything in site.  But pass on the cereal, chips, cookies, pizza, and whatever else is free on campus for that day because I know I will have some yummy, healthy meal waiting for me at home.  TGFMP.

Honestly, do you see a pattern here?  If you want to be successful at anything really, diets included, you need to be prepared.  Preparedness in this instance means taking a few hours on Sundays (or whatever day) and fixing out your meals for the week.  Meals and healthy snack ready to grab-and-go!  Trust me, it’s a game changer.

Seem overwhelming at first?  No biggy.  Just start small.  Twice a week just prep some snacks for the week.  Then the following week, add in one meal you prepare ahead like lunch for instance.  The following week, breakfast and lunch etc. until you have reached all three meals.  Then, cut it down to one day a week.  Or keep it two days a week.  I know some families have to keep it two days a week to keep track of the spouse and kids and all. Again, do what works for you.  You won’t know right away, but you won’t know what works until you start trying!

Happy meal prepping!

How do you meal prep?


What are your thoughts?

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